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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Emma is TWO YEARS OLD!!!

Emma celebrated her second birthday with the family on 7 June 2008. She had a wonderful time, and just LOVED her beautiful cake, and she received many, many presents!

Emma's cake:

Emma trying to blow out the candles.....

One candle down, one to go.....!

Boy, is my tummy FULL!!


Big brother Matthew likes the presents, too!

The next day, the party continued at Grandma June's house...Emma and Matthew played in her backyard. Here are pictures of some of her beautiful roses:

And Matthew and Emma in the yard with Daddy...

Emma playing on the grass...

Here is a very short video clip of Emma on the grass (the batteries died). She is saying "in the grass" and "feet" (because she's rubbing her bare feet on the grass). Then she hears a siren in the distance, probably a fire truck, and says "fire truck" and then "oh no!".

More of Emma's presents....she was given some GORGEOUS outfits (with HATS!) by Grandma June (with the help of Paul's sister, Robyn, who did the shopping):

Of course, Matthew decided to model hats, too!

Anyway, Emma is a big girl now, and is very excited about being TWO YEARS OLD!