This blog is dedicated to differently-abled children, particularly those diagnosed with a radial ray defect, hematological issues, Failure to Thrive, developmental delays, microcephaly, cerebellar dysgenesis or cerebral palsy.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Emma singing...and standing...and using her hands!

Emma has been singing a lot of songs lately..."Twinkle Twinkle" and the Barney song ("I love you, you love me") are a couple of her favorites. I'm still trying to get a video of her singing those two songs.

But she has also been trying to sing the "ABC" song, and I've managed to capture a couple of her attempts on video. It's a short clip (less than 4 minutes long), and she starts and stops the song a couple of times. She does an (almost complete) rendition of the song starting around the 3 minute mark.

Also, you'll notice that she is standing with support in her walker, AND she is using her hands to grab her toys! Both of which are very exciting indicators of progress to us!!

Anyway, here is the video.....enjoy!