This blog is dedicated to differently-abled children, particularly those diagnosed with a radial ray defect, hematological issues, Failure to Thrive, developmental delays, microcephaly, cerebellar dysgenesis or cerebral palsy.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

So many things going on!

As you've seen in the previous post, Emma is starting to walk, and every day she walks a bit further. It is very gratifying to know that she is finding her way, developing these normal physical skills.....even with her multiple diagnoses and problems she never, ever gives up!

Below is another video of Emma walking, this one is quite a bit longer than the first, although still a bit shaky, since I was using my iPhone. She loves to look at herself in the mirror, and frequently walks over to stand in front of it, admiring herself. I wanted to capture that and suggested several times that she look at herself in the mirror....of course, since Mommy was suggesting the mirror as a destination, being Emma, she walked everywhere BUT there! :)

Another news item: Emma's first hand/arm surgery is scheduled for September will be on the right hand only, and will be performed by Drs. Lightdale and Stevanovic at CHLA.

I can't help but be nervous about it, although I'm sure that all will go well....positive thoughts and prayers are always welcome!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Even one step is exciting.....and she knows it's an event! Check out the expression on her face!