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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Here we are, in Baltimore

And I'm REALLY sick! I have a cold....or something. Anyway, we flew out today from Los Angeles to Baltimore to see Dr. Dror Paley, who is an eminent orthopedic surgeon who has worked on many of the people who post on the Yahoo TAR Support Group. All of his patients have wonderful things to say about him, and when I emailed him about his particular surgical technique (ulnarization) for straightening radial club hands, he told me that he has NEVER seen a single reversal! This is miraculous, because the other "tried-and-true" techniques, centralization and radialization, both have significant rates of reversal. In other words, the surgeries "come undone". But a repair done using his technique does not reverse itself....which is why we are flying more than 2,500 miles to see him.

I have to get ready for bed, but just wanted to post our whereabouts, and that Emma's appointment is tomorrow morning at 10:30am (Eastern Daylight Savings Time).

Good-night, all! :-)


holly said...

so, was your appointment today?

Sorry I am just now checking on you, but rest assured, I am praying even when I am not on the computer.

JoAnn said...

Hi Holly,

I've not been on the computer much because of being so sick...thank you SO much for your prayers!

We are home home yesterday afternoon. I'm still not well, but hopefully will start to get better! :-)

In any case, YES, Dr. Paley saw Emma on April 17th! I have a lot to report, so I will have a new blog (or two) up soon! (sometime this weekend anyway) Dr. Paley says that Emma has a partial radius bone on the left side!! This is not normal for TAR fact, it may mean that she does NOT have TAR Syndrome. He wants to operate when she is 2 1/2 or 3 so we set the date for 30 June, 2009. My husband and I were very impressed with Dr. Paley.

More soon,