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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wonderful news!

One of Emma's many physical issues that has been under investigation lately is the so-called "retrocardiac mass", which was first seen on x-rays and then subsequently viewed multiple times via ultrasound and even MRI. It's a small anomalous structure (maybe some sort of cyst?), approximately spherical in shape. The mass lies between her heart and spine and appears to be attached to her esophagus. During the last ultrasound the tech examined the area in doppler mode and saw no evidence of blood flow through it (which is good!).

Recently Emma saw a pediatric surgeon at LAC+USC Women and Children's Hospital who ordered a barium swallow study done. She explained that she wanted to rule out any possible transfer of food or bacteria back and forth between Emma's esophagus and the cyst-like structure.

We saw the surgeon yesterday (Friday, 30 May) to learn the results of the barium study....she says that there does not appear to be any reason for surgery at this time!! They plan to keep an eye on it to see if it is growing, though.

HOORAY!! NO SURGERY!! (at least, not right now!)


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holly said...

good good good. No surgery. That is a load off your shoulders, huh?