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Friday, April 10, 2009

Video of Emma using her Rifton walker

This is a short, very amateurish video from a few days ago when we had a nice sunny day (today it's overcast and the high is 59 degrees Fahrenheit with a 50% chance of rain). Unfortunately I was breathing directly into the microphone so it sounds like Darth Vader shot the video...sorry about that! In addition, the battery died unexpectedly so the video ends quite abruptly. that I've explained all of the oddities and issues with the video, enjoy Emma and Matthew playing in the backyard on a warm Southern California day! Emma talks quite a bit in this one.


yokoot said...

OMG!!! I am so happy to see your Emma and Matthew thriving!!! They are so big now. Emma looks great in her walker and I was just so impressed with how much she talks!!! She looks amazing. I am so happy to see her doing so well. Thanks for a beautiful website, I'll be checking in often.
Please give both Emma and Matthew big hugs and kisses from me:)

With love,

JoAnn said...

Hi Yoko!!

I'm so glad you got to see Emma and Matthew in the video! I will definitely give both of them big hugs and kisses from you!

Please tell Sherrill and the other "mommies" about this video too...I know they would love it!


Keri said...

Goodness gracious, your children are beautiful! This video made me smile ear to ear. Hearing Emma talk is pure ear candy! Love seeing her in the Rifton and the independance it gives her. Priceless.