This blog is dedicated to differently-abled children, particularly those diagnosed with a radial ray defect, hematological issues, Failure to Thrive, developmental delays, microcephaly, cerebellar dysgenesis or cerebral palsy.

Monday, August 9, 2010



Even one step is exciting.....and she knows it's an event! Check out the expression on her face!


Kristen said...

Hi! I was so excited when I saw this video. My daughter, Abby has RS and I remember that moment when she finally took her first step. It was so amazing. Enjoy every second of this huge victory for both of you!!!

JoAnn said...

Thanks so much Kristen....we are absolutely thrilled with Emma's progress!

Jim said...

JoAnn, this is awesome! She can do this only because she has such loving parents. She is blessed to have you both.

JoAnn said...

Thanks, Jim! I'm so glad you got to see the video! (((((hugs)))))