This blog is dedicated to differently-abled children, particularly those diagnosed with a radial ray defect, hematological issues, Failure to Thrive, developmental delays, microcephaly, cerebellar dysgenesis or cerebral palsy.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Emma napping with her baby doll


TUC said...

Lol, this is too cute! Thanks for sharing it.

A g-tube? What do they put in it for a baby her age? Pedisure? We had one for a while... getting it was no problem... but after a few weeks I got scared that we were becomming a little dependent on it and I pushed harder to work on mouth feeding again. If you add oil, have you considered olive oil or even an Omega 3 fish oil? We used OO while K was in the hospital and I give her 1 1/2 tsp Omega3 everyday now. Since it is strawberry flavored, she accepts it (via oral syringe).

Lord, please inspire this baby's taste buds and instill in her a desire for good healthy food, amen.

JoAnn said...

Hi TUC...thanks for visiting Emma's blog and for your prayer!

I don't really know what they would give Emma through the g-tube. She can't have Pediasure, because it's milk-based and she's allergic to dairy. But I'm sure that there are alternatives.

We do add oil to her pureed foods, and fortunately she loves Fritos, which are very high calorie.

Your little Kimani is beautiful!

Keri said...

Oh my, Emma is just so precious! Love the curls in her hair. Very adorable, she is!