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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Update on Emma

We took Emma to see her pediatrician yesterday. She's 81 cm long now, but only 9.25 kg. (That means she's 32 inches long and weighs 20.4 lbs)

The doctor was disappointed in her weight....she's not gaining weight, even though she's growing in length, so her BMI is actually decreasing. We talked about ways to increase her calorie intake (adding small amounts of oil to her baby food, giving her high fat foods like avocados and fritos). I told the doctor about the gluten free diet, that Emma has only been on it for 6 weeks but her eczema has cleared up completely! We had hoped that the gf diet would help her gain weight, but it hasn't been long enough yet.

The doctor did talk about the possibility of a g-tube, which scares me. I'm praying that Emma will start eating better....that a g-tube will not be necessary. She's very picky about food, about textures, and she's never been a good eater. This is apparently normal for kids with Emma's medical problems, though. One little boy that I know about who has GLHS and a missing radius bone in his right arm has SO many of Emma's characteristics. And he has a g-tube.

But I have to trust in the Lord, that He is in control. Emma is doing well in so many ways, and I'm grateful for that!

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