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Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Funny Girl

There are times when Emma talks incessantly.....about almost anything. She's well known for repeating things that she's heard, even from TV commercials. Depending on where she is and who is present, the results can be hilarious!

California has a system of Regional Centers to coordinate and provide needed services to children with disabilities. Not just any disabilities though....for children over the age of three, they will only service kids who fall into the following categories: autism, Down's Syndrome, cerebral palsy, or mental retardation. So as a child approaches the age of three, they have to go through an evaluation process to determine if they will continue to be eligible.

Emma was recently evaluated by the Regional Center psychiatrist, Dr. Frey. He tried to get her to talk to him but she was being stubborn and wouldn't answer his questions. So I put her on the floor to play with toys and he asked me a series of questions about Emma's abilities.

At one point Dr. Frey asked me if Emma understood the concept of money. I started to answer but was interrupted by a sweet little voice from the floor, which said, "That's the money you could be saving with Geico!"

P.S. To those who don't live in America, this is from a very silly television commercial for a car insurance company.


holly said...

HaHaHaHa!!! Well, I guess that answered his question, then? Too funny. She is a silly little girl. Can't wait to meet her.

JoAnn said...

I thought I was going to fall on the floor I was laughing so hard!

She repeats stuff from commercials and dialogue from her TV shows and it's hilarious!

It was a little embarrassing though...'cause I wondered if the doctor thought she was watching TV 24-7! LOL!

Jo said...

HAHA! THat is precious! And man, Regional Center. We know that drill over here!

Keri said...

Oh no she didn't!!! That is! I wish I could've been there to hear that one. Good stuff!