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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Notes from the Micro Conference, Part 1

OK, well I forgot my camera after all....oops!

I did have an old cell phone with a camera, but the pictures are not very good. I'll post a few anyway....

Below is a picture taken during Dr. Dobyn's talk. He discussed various brain anomalies and when malformations occur during pregnancy, as well as microcephaly in general. It was very interesting!

Emma expressed her opinion of the talk by going to sleep..... :)

Here is a picture of my friend Holly from Oklahoma holding Rachel....I tried to get a picture of Rachel's face but just as it snapped the pic she moved to hide behind mommy!

This was all on Saturday, which was the only day we made it to the conference. On Sunday (Father's Day) we had Holly's family over for dinner. Since Holly, Tony, plus their kids make 10 people, I made a huge batch of enchiladas, chicken with green sauce, beef with red sauce and plain cheese with red sauce. Everyone seemed to enjoy dinner!!

I will write more about the conference in a later post...there's quite a lot to tell about Emma's appointment with the doctors!

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Keri said...

Oh my, enchiladas... only one of my favorites. I can never get enough of Mexican food. LOVE it...

Glad you were in good company. Sounds like fun!