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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Emma's arm, plus GOOD NEWS on the weight issue!

A few days ago Emma was seen in the CHLA orthopedics clinic by Dr. Arkader; they took more xrays and were able to show me exactly what had happened to her left arm that caused the bump.

I really wanted to get copies of the xrays to post but the CD burner in the Radiology Dept is broken and they don't know when it will be fixed. So I will try to describe what I saw.

Just as I suspected, the small remnant of a radius bone has actually moved from where it was! Originally it was located near the wrist with one end close to the head of the ulna (the end with the growth plate). Now it has moved about 2 inches down the arm from where it was, and is tilted at a -30 degree angle, causing the pointy end (the end without the growth plate) to protrude oddly and make a bump on her forearm.

It must have taken considerable force to move that bone, and it MUST be uncomfortable! I don't know how the bone was moved, but the only scenario that makes sense is some sort of traumatic external event.

Emma will be seen by another ortho doctor in the same clinic, a Dr. Lightdale, who is a hand surgeon, on June 1st.

On a happier topic, we received wonderful news today: Emma has gained weight!! She weighs approximately 10.25 kg or 22.6 lbs! Her pediatrician was very happy, and says that we do NOT need to consider a g-tube at this time! Hooray!!!!

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