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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Something another video

Video first: as you know, Emma is talking a lot lately. I managed to capture more of her thoughts during a conversation on Mother's Day; I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Emma frequently makes me laugh, she's so funny (usually unintentionally):

Now for the "strange" thing that we've just noticed in the past few days (first saw it Friday afternoon)....a very solid bump on her left forearm which has never been there before. I have NO clue what it could be. The only thought I've had is that somehow the partial radius she has in her left forearm has moved....but that's probably not possible!

Emma doesn't seem to be in much pain, although she's not using her left arm quite as much as usual. When I ask her about the bump, and whether or not it hurts, she says, "I want to get it out".

What could THAT mean?

In the picture below, I've used a red arrow to indicate the position of the "bump"; you can see it in profile against the dark blue background of the high chair. It's about half way between her wrist and her elbow on the upper surface of her forearm.

At one point she did admit to some pain, but not today. We've made an appointment for her to be seen at the pediatric clinic at CHLA tomorrow (Monday) 11 May at 8:40am. I will have to cancel or cut my class short in order to get her there in time (I teach this semester from 7:00 - 8:40am MWF).

Please remember Emma in prayer.


Cheryl said...

Hey Mom!
I love that I can see how Emma is doing though your blog. the video is great! Aww she is just too cute. her little voice is just adorable. I hope they find the cause of that bump.
sending lots of love your way.

Keri said...

She's crackin me up! Too funny! I just love watching videos of Emma! She's absolutely adorable and has the sweetest voice. How I'd love to smother her with kisses!

holly said...

oh my word, joann...she is sooooo adorable. i love her tiny little voice. can i have her?? please?? :)

holly said...

oh my word, joann...she is sooooo adorable. i love her tiny little voice. can i have her?? please?? :)

JoAnn said...

Hi Cheryl we miss you! :(

Keri, Emma LOVES to be smothered with kisses! She giggles!

Holly, I hope you get to meet Emma on your upcoming trip! But we'd miss her too much to let her go home with you! ;)

Thanks everyone for visiting Emma's blog!