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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More on "the bump"

We took Emma to see the triage doctor at the CHLA pediatric clinic yesterday. The doc felt the bump on her arm and said something like, "yep, there's a bump there."

So we went for x-rays. We waited for a LONG time in the radiology waiting room. Eventually they called Emma and took pictures of her arm.

Finally we got to go back to the clinic. We waited for a LONGER time. The doctor popped out a couple of times to let us know we weren't forgotten, then finally told us to go eat lunch and come back in an hour.

I guess the x-rays were read by someone while we were at lunch, because right after we came back the doctor came out and told us that nothing much was showing up in the images except for Emma's usual left arm structure (they had old x-rays from 2007 to compare these with).

We were told if we were "still concerned" about the bump, we could call orthopedics and make an appointment. Well, YES, I am still concerned!! The darn thing is about half an inch across, and protrudes enough to be seen quite clearly. And Emma says it hurts!!

You bet I'm still concerned!!

I guess I'm a little mad because it seems as though the doctor WASN'T concerned any longer.

Anyway...we're trying to get Emma in to be seen in the orthopedic clinic.

More soon....


Keri said...

How frustrating! Keeping Emma in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you are able to find some answers soon.

JoAnn said...

Thanks Keri!

We have an appointment in the orthopedic clinic at CHLA on Wednesday May 20. Hopefully they can tell us more then.