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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Please pray (and contribute!) to the cause

A dear friend of mine, Holly, who lives in Oklahoma, is trying to raise money to attend the microcephaly conference out here in California in June. Her youngest child, Rachel, has microcephaly and a brain malformation similar to Emma's, and they really want to make it to this conference for many many reasons.

Please visit Holly's blog for more details. I just wanted to post about their plight and appeal to the people who visit Emma to donate to the trip fund if possible. Even if you can't donate, please pray. Their family is struggling with several different health issues right now, and she has EIGHT children! :)

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holly said...

Oh Joann!!! Thank you....I keep forgetting to come to this blog. I always go to the other know, the one you never update. :) I am changing my link right now...I am soooo sorry I never saw this and thanked you when you made it.